English Adventure's methodology is based on stimulating learners' curiosity and motivation. We combine proven academic methodology with extensive testing to produce unique EFL programs that bring remarkable results!
Let us show you how!


My First English Adventure

Ages 6-10

My First English Adventure is our ground-breaking, story-based program for young learners in their first years of EFL study. Each unit of the program is accompanied by a fully-interactive online learning environment.

Let's Find Out

Ages 10-11

Join our hero, Albert, and his friends as they solve problems, uncover mysteries from history, and even visit the far-off future. Let's Find Out also includes a fully-digital online learning platform!

The Detectives

Ages 11-12

Strange things are happening in Tom and Kate Miller’s home town of Lakeview.
The Detectives need your help to piece together clues and solve five different mysteries! Includes a fully-digital learning platform and self-study webquests!


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