Overview and Key Features

If you want to get kid's attention tell them a great story!
In the new English Adventure textbook, THE DETECTIVES, we made that story exciting and full of characters that kids will really love!
Meet Tom, Kate, Professor Sparky and the detectives - Jack and Amy. Mysterious things are happening in their home town of Lakeview: stolen bikes and paintings, disappearing animals - and a really big problem at school!
Your students will piece together the clues as Tom, Kate and their friends solve five different mysteries - and here's the best part: We've saved the biggest secret for Unit 6, "It's Not Over Yet!"

Approved by Israel's Ministry of Education, Foundation Level Stage 3,
Approval number: 2444


Key Features

Designed for the heterogeneous classroom!

  • Rich in LOTS and HOTS tasks and activities
  • Wide variety of text types at different levels
  • Broad range of reading and writing tasks
  • Individual/Pair/Group work
  • Intensive practice of grammar and vocabulary
  • Authentic literature

Includes Digital Learning Platform

  • Digital Textbook on Sefereshet for individual/in-class/home use
  • Interactive Grammar review exercises
  • Extended reading passages
  • Printable worksheets
  • Webquests, interactive quizzes and much more!

Step-by-Step Teacher’s Guide

  • Walk in and teach!
    Scripted lesson plans makes teaching easy
  • At-a-Glance story map
  • Assessment
    Unit Review Tests
    Fold-Out Board Game with playing cards
    Test Yourself (in Workbook)

Keep students interested and motivated with The Detectives! The Detectives need students’ help to piece together clues and solve five different mysteries!


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