Overview and Key Features

Let's Find Out!  is the exciting story-based Foundation Level Stage II book from English Adventure.
Join our hero and his friends as they solve problems, uncover mysteries from history, and even visit the far-off future!

Let's Find Out!  is a comprehensive EFL program for the 5th grade. It meets all the latest requirements of the Revised English Curriculum.

  Approved by Israel's Ministry of Education, Foundation Level Stage 2,
  Approval number: 2701, Approval date: 27.3.17


Key Features

Designed for the heterogeneous classroom!

  • Re-enters Band I vocabulary systematically
  • Promotes speaking skills in the English Classroom
  • A wide range of authentic text types
  • Literature taught through key components
  • Step-by-step scaffolding for writing tasks
  • Variety of interactive ICT activities
  • Independent reading passages with tasks

Includes Digital Learning Platform

  • Digital Textbook on Sefereshet for individual/in-class/home use
  • Interactive Grammar review exercises
  • Extended reading passages
  • Printable worksheets

Step-by-Step Teacher’s Guide

  • Walk in and teach!
    Scripted lesson plans makes teaching easy
  • At-a-Glance story map
  • Assessment
    A full range of self-assessment and teacher-assessment materials
    Unit Review Tests
    Test Yourself (in Workbook)

Keep students interested and motivated learning English with our latest story-based Foundation Level Stage II  course

Let's Find Out! 


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