Research & Development

At English Adventure we are constantly involved in the research and development of new teaching technologies. Two of our programs are currently featured in the “Sefereshet” VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) platform developed by the Snunit Center for the Advancement of Web-Based Learning. This cutting-edge social learning platform allows for sharing of digital tasks and activities between teacher and classmates.

The teaching and learning experience of our Digital Textbooks on Sefereshet has been significantly enriched by the English Adventure team. In addition to audio recordings, songs and animated videos of comics and reading passages, we provide a wealth of grammar exercises, extension activities, interactive games, quizzes, webquests and self-tests for both in-class and independent study.

Every exercise in our Digital Textbooks is fully interactive and can be completed directly on your computer, tablet or mobile device!


Each of our textbook series has been fully digitized for use in a whole-class setting or by individual students on their mobile devices.


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