Rationale and Language Learning Model

What makes a good instructional program for young learners?

Tucker (2001) claims that "the validity of the adage 'earlier is better' (in language instruction) would seem to depend... on the optimization of a number of factors. These include... a framework that specifies, fairly explicitly, a set of language, content, cognitive, and affective objectives that are then tied to, or illustrated by exemplary techniques and supported by written materials".

The English Adventure pedagogical concept in EFL program design is based on these essential conditions mentioned by Tucker. In addition, we emphasize the important connection between "WHAT" goes in the language teaching program, i.e. explicit Objectives and appropriate Content and "HOW" it should be taught, i.e. the Teaching Techniques and Activities (Bejarano, 1994). All programs designed by English Adventure take into account the learners' cognitive and affective needs. Our concept is illustrated graphically in our Language Learning Model:


Stories provide an authentic contextual framework for language learning and natural communication.


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