Overview and Key Features

My First English Adventure is a story-based program designed for teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to young learners in their first years of learning English.
With the Natural Approach to Language Learning at its core, MFEA is a comprehensive program based on an academically sound methodology. The program includes a complete set of learning materials and accessories for both teachers and pupils.
In order to ensure high quality of implementation, English Adventure Ltd. provides extensive teacher training and support.
The entire program can be easily tailored to any population and learning environment anywhere in the world.

Approved by Israel's Ministry of Education for the Revised Curriculum,
Approval number: 2697, Approval date: 16.5.16


Key Features

  • Provides children with a positive first experience in learning English and positive attitude toward the language and culture
  • Promotes self-confidence and motivation
  • Designed for the heterogeneous classroom - integrates music, movement, drama, arts and crafts in the language learning experience
  • Develops phonemic awareness, decoding skills, vocabulary of over 2000 words and beginning reading of English
  • Provides content relevant to the child's knowledge of the world and personal experiences
  • Step-by-Step Teacher's Guide - includes comprehensive assessment tools for monitoring pupils' progress



My First English Adventure’s program methodology is based on learners’ curiosity and motivation. We feature content and teaching methodologies that target the unique cognitive and affective needs of young learners.


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