Program Goals

The program develops basic vocabulary and communication skills in English as well as beginning reading and writing skills. At the end of the program, pupils read a variety of text types such as notes, recipes, instructions, poems, comics and short stories. In addition, pupils develop writing skills from proper letter formation to short sentences and texts.

Following are the goals of the program by units:

  • Units 1- 3 develop oral communication skills by providing a strong lexical and language base as well as emergent literacy skills.
  • Units 4 - 6 continue to develop vocabulary and oral skills along with literacy skills, letters of the alphabet and phonemic awareness which are necessary for the acquisition of reading and writing in English. This is followed by systematic teaching and practice of decoding skills. The teaching of reading skills is based on the vocabulary learnt in previous units and taught in the context of the stories dealt with.
  • Units 7 - 8 continue to develop vocabulary and language communication skills as well as writing and reading comprehension skills in short sentences, texts and short stories.

My First English Adventure’s program methodology is based on learners’ curiosity and motivation. We feature content and teaching methodologies that target the unique cognitive and affective needs of young learners.


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