Overview and Key Features

Join twins Henry and Lucy on their thrilling adventures in far-away lands!
Henry and Lucy are on a mission for Mr. Moon and Princess Meg: Save Planet Earth!
Together, you'll walk on the moon, go on safari and find out what life is really like for pirates at sea. You will meet forest rangers and pirates, reporters and fairy-tale characters; and you will make new friends everywhere you go!


Approved by Israel’s Ministry of Education, Foundation Level Stage 2,
Approval number: 2377


Key Features

Designed for the heterogeneous classroom!

  • Rich in LOTS and HOTS tasks and activities
  • Wide variety of texts at different levels
  • Broad range of reading/writing tasks
  • Individual/Pair/Group Work
  • Intensive Practice of Grammar and Vocabulary

Includes Digital Learning Platform

  • Digital Textbook on Sefereshet for individual/in-class/home use
  • Interactive Grammar review exercises
  • Printable Worksheets
  • Interactive quizzes, games and much more!

Step-by-Step Teacher's Guide

  • Walk in and teach!
    Scripted lesson plan makes teaching easy
  • Assessment
    Unit Review Tests
    Meitzav Preparation Kit

The Adventures of Henry and Lucy features exciting, plot-driven stories that keep students motivated to learn.


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