Digital Learning Platform

The Detectives offers a wealth of online components that are an integral part of every lesson:

Webquests and Interactive Quizzes are online tasks that increase motivation by allowing students to exercise critical thinking and assessment skills. Each unit in The Detectives includes such extension activities which are both thought-provoking and fun!

The Detectives has a fully interactive Digital Textbook on Sefereshet, the online learning environment developed by the Snunit Center for the Advancement of Web-Based Learning. This cutting-edge learning platform allows for projector or smartboard use in the classroom, as well as for individual use by students and teachers on their personal computers, tablets and mobile devices. In addition to audio recordings, songs and animated videos of comics and reading passages, we provide a wealth of grammar exercises, extension activities, games, quizzes and self-tests for both in-class and independent study.

Every exercise in our Digital Textbooks is fully interactive and can be completed directly on your computer!


Keep students interested and motivated with The Detectives! The Detectives need students’ help to piece together clues and solve five different mysteries!


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